Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Work of Art

Decorating our new home has not been easy.  I feel overwhelmed trying to choose something that is supposed to be cute, classy, warm, inviting, matching, etc.  Having different colored walls all over our house makes it that much more of a challenge.    I know when I like something I see, I just don’t necessarily know how to create it on my own.  I have come to realize that decorating our house is not something that is going to happen instantly, it will take time to find what we like.  Over the last few months, Rob and I have  been brave and purchased a few works of art.  Two of them hang in our bedroom and one of them in our guest bedroom.  I have to give Rob props for having a good eye and discovering these.  They really do go perfectly with the bedspread and with the wall color. 


I had purchased this bedspread the week before.  Rob found this print that looked like it came with the whole set.  It really fits perfectly.



These two pictures hang in our bedroom.  The blue green color in each matches perfectly with the paint on our walls.  Both of them are framed in dark wood which matches our bedroom furniture perfectly.

We are still looking for one more piece of art to hang in our family room. We know it has to be Large and have Red in it.  We’ll keep looking until something catches Rob’s eye! 


heidib said...

I love the bedroom. The picture looks amazing with the room. The other pictures are great. I love the dark wood. Very much my style. I will have to steal them.

Julie said...

Good job! I love it all. I can't wait to come sleep in the guest room!

KristiLee said...

Beautiful pictures - I love the dark wood