Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer

We are slowly getting our deck ready for summer.  Rob installed accent lights around our deck and he hung speakers outside.  The speakers are connected to our main receiver in the house, so you can hear the audio of the TV and it is connected to the computer so we can listen to any music we choose. The sound is great. 


Rob is a master at the grill and he finally convinced himself to buy the Grill he really wanted the Weber Genesis.  We spent last Saturday putting it together.  It looks great on our deck and we’ve already used it several times. 


Our next purchase is a patio set.  Make sure in all of your summer planning you plan a trip to the Northwest.  We would love to grill you some steaks! 


Loyce said...

Nice looking grill. I like my steak well done, please. See you this summer. Love you two!!!

Who Knew . . . said...

You guys are not messin' around! I would like burgers, is that okay? I will let you know when I book my tickets. SB

Joyce Becerra said...

You both are so talented. Your home is beautiful. I'll take a well done steak just like your MOM.

Cindi B. said...

Well done, burgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs, chicken, you name it, he'll cook it!

heidib said...

Wow looking good. Wish I could come over for a BBQ!

Mariposa said...

i would buy a weber grill solely based on their commercials. I can NEVER get enough of ugly dancing. ever.