Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day in our life…

One day, I arrived home early from work.  I was hoping to finish weeding the rest of our front yard.  Rob had been to the hardware store that day and bought a few things to fix his trailer.  While he was fixing his trailer, he was struck with an amazing idea…

The lights on the trailer keep breaking because the gate opening in our fence is so narrow.  You have to do it exactly right or you will rip one of the lights off.  So, Rob’s great idea was to make the gate in the fence larger.  I agreed.

Rob started to dig around the post, and quickly found out that the post was connected to about 3 feet deep of concrete.  We discussed several options such as digging it out, using the chainsaw to just cut it at ground level, etc.  Then Rob was struck with another great idea.

The streets in our neighborhood are currently being torn apart in order for Puget Sound Energy to place better cables underground.  We’ve had giant trucks, backhoes, flaggers, every kind of construction tool you can imagine, beeping back and forth, up and down our street.  Rob looked at the backhoe on the street near our home and said, “That thing could get it with no problems at all.  It would take him less than 5 min.” 

So, Rob walked right over to the boss and asked him if he would help us out.  To both of our surprise the boss agreed to do it for us.  He drove the backhoe over to the gas truck, gassed it up, drove straight into our front yard, and yanked the post and concrete straight out of the ground.



I must say, it was pretty impressive.  The man was a master at driving and using the backhoe.  Now if only we can convince them to come and get rid of all the bark…

The end result was perfect.  Rob constructed our new gate perfectly so now it completely opens and is plenty wide to get the trailer in and out with no problems.  As I frequently say, “Good Job Rob!”

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day Off

I decided to take the day off on Friday. Instead of working, Rob and I spent the day with Jayden.  Here are a few pics from our adventures:

DSCF6672DSCF6680 DSCF6676  DSCF6682

It was rainy and super windy outside so the park was out. So we made due by going to the Bellevue Square Mall and playing on the toys there.  They have a great play area with TONS of things to climb on.

DSCF6683 DSCF6685

Jayden helped me make chocolate chip cookies.  We made some for us to eat, some for my young women’s class and then we made some extra dough and put it in the freezer, that way, next time he visits, we’ll be ready.


I found a great Thomas the Train coloring book.  Jayden and I spent a lot of time coloring several pictures. 

 DSCF6692 DSCF6694

Rob showed Jayden how to use our remote control cars.  Of course Jayden LOVED them. 

DSCF6695 DSCF6699

Rob also built us a nice roaring fire that he kept going all day.  We roasted Marshmallows and made delicious S’mores.  It was the perfect snack to end our day. 

Taking a day off was the perfect way to start my weekend! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Rob!

CindiRob-Hyatt (46)

I love you,

Love Cindi B.