Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to Make the Doughnuts

Last Sunday we had some friends over.  We made old fashioned doughnuts.  The recipe came from a magazine I randomly got for free in the mail.  I’d never made doughnuts without letting them rise so I wanted to try this recipe.  They were pretty good when they were fresh, but I didn’t think they were that great on the 2nd day.  I probably won’t be using the recipe again but we had a fun time with our friends Angela and Steve. 





While we were making doughnuts, Rob was doing something a little more “manly.”  The laundry closet door fell off the track and broke when I opened it to get the skillet.  Good thing Rob is such a handy man and was able to fix it for me. 



Loyce said...

They look delicious!

KristiLee said...

you guys are always an adventure! love you! donuts look good =)