Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mission Flashback

A few weeks ago my phone rang at 4 am.  I don’t know why I answered it, but I did.  I was sleepy and confused when I said “hello". On the other line I heard, “Sister Buhrmester?”  I was still confused when the person began speaking Portuguese.  I was fighting to find the words when she asked what time it was.  When I responded 4 am, she quickly said, “I’m so sorry.  I’ll call back later.”

That was the end of our phone call.  I had no idea who it was.  Of course I assumed it was someone from my mission but I wasn’t sure who. Rob couldn’t believe that I would accept a long distance phone call, mutter a few phrases in Portuguese and then hang up with out finding out who it was.  What can I say, it was 4 am!

Later that day, I received a phone call.  It was from Eliete Lopez.  A girl I served with for my last 6 weeks in Brazil.  She is Brazilian but currently living in Switzerland with her husband.  Her husband is an employee of Microsoft and they were coming to Seattle for a Conference. 

Eleite and her husband arrived a week ago.  Another friend of ours, Lauranne Turner, flew in from Bountiful, Utah for the occasion.  We had a great time sight seeing, shopping and eating out.


On our first night together Eliete really wanted a hamburger, so we went to the oh so American restaurant of Red Robin.  :)


On afternoon we went a my favorite Brazilian restaurant, Tempero do Brasil.  The family that runs this restaurant is from Eliete’s home state of Bahia, Brazil.


The view from Kerry Park (our photographer did a good job of cutting out the Space Needle!  What can you expect from a 15 year old boy! oh well).

It was a fun week of reminiscing of the mission and trying to remember Portuguese.  I was glad they came for a visit.  It made me remember how important the mission was to me and the good friends I made there. 


Loyce said...

How fun to see her again and remember mission times togethe.

Twilight Book Club aka Kellie Dickes said...

Crazy! I wish I could have seen her too!