Sunday, April 25, 2010

All in a Days Work

Last Friday night, for our date night, Rob and I went to the lumber store.  The goal was to buy materials to build a deck box. On our way home we saw this



It’s not often you see a double rainbow.  I was glad I had a camera phone.

On Saturday morning we woke up and got to work.  We finished the deck box just before this arrived. 


This is what we spent all morning working on.  I think it turned out pretty good.  We will use the deck box to hold the cushions of patio furniture.



Loyce said...

Looks really good! Good job

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! That box is perfect. I wish I had something like that. So how much did it end up costing? It looks very expensive, yet I know it probably wasn't because you guys can get all the deals.

KristiLee said...

Good job - wish you guys were closer I have a lot of projects you could help out on!

Sandy said...

Very impressive; you guys did a good job!!...