Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Since we’ve moved in we knew we needed a shed for the backyard.  We needed a place to store all of our yard tools so they didn’t continually make our garage dirty.  Our biggest dilemma was where to put it.  We wanted to use as little yard space as possible but still have enough room for everything we wanted to put in it.  We finally settled on building one off the side of our house. This Winter we had some amazingly sunny days.  Rob made the most of it and built us a shed. He did a great job.  It is the perfect size to hold all of our yard tools. The location we chose was used for nothing else and would otherwise been wasted space.

2011-12-20 15.37.06

2011-12-20 15.38.00


We painted it to match the house and it is a perfect match.  You can’t even tell that it wasn’t part of the original structure.  He even added electricity for a light and an outlet. 

Once more I have to say, Good Job Rob!


Loyce said...

Come build us a screened porch! Please

Austin said...

When is Rob going to start contracting?