Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon

This year I made the goal to run a 1/2 Marathon.  I had a few girl friends running the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Seattle so I decided to join them.  I was able to convince my Bro-in-law Rod to come down and race with me as well.  This was the first organized race I had ever run in.  It was a blast.  The running part, not so fun, but the atmosphere and people made it worth it. 

The night before the race there was a Expo in Seattle.  We spent several hours, walking around, sampling all the free snacks, and getting as many free things as we could.  We had a blast. 


Halle, Parker and Braden show off some of the freebies we accumulated including t-shirt, sun glasses, headband, medal.  It was never ending.  My nephew Wes was the most successful winning the coveted Tuna t-shirt. 

The next morning, Rod and I got up at 4 am to meet with a group of friends and head down to Seattle for the race.  Traveling with a van full of runners helped us get even more excited and pumped up for what lay ahead.

Rock n Roll 1

Here is Rod and I waiting to get up to the starting line so we could begin the race.  With over 26,000 racers it was quite the process to get parked and make our way to the starting line. 


2012-06-23 08.52.13

Here I am about mile 4. Still smiling… Rob and Wesley cheered me on from the sidelines.  This picture was the start of the steepest hill of the race.  I made them run with me a little bit.  I was glad they were at this point to cheer me on because that hill was STEEP!.

Being my first race, my only goal was a finish.  I did!  My family was at the end to cheer on over the finish line. 


If you want to come and join me next year let me know! 


Loyce said...

Congratulations on your first organized run. Good Job

Mary said...

sosososososo proud of you!!! wish I could have joined you :) next summer - I promise. It's already on my to do list. can't wait to see you, my dear.