Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why We Love Whistler

Rob and I have been to Whistler twice so far this summer.  We are hoping to make it up there at least once more.  The main reason we go is for the Mountain Biking, but there are many reasons why we love Whistler.  Here are a few:



THE VIEWS.  Everywhere you look there is another amazing view.  Beautiful mountains, trees, lakes, blue sky.  It really is breathtaking.


BIKE/CHAIR LIFTS.  We load the bikes on the special lift built to hold bikes.  We then ride the chair up directly behind the bikes.  At the top, there are lifties who take the bikes off for us and then off we go to speed down another trail (Rob at a slightly faster speed than me.  I’m working on it…).  The lifts make miles and miles of amazing runs accessible.


THE TRAILS.  Whistler is a Mecca for downhill mountain bikers.  There are easy, intermediate, and expert trails.  There are so many to choose from, you never get bored and always have the chance to try and learn something new.



THE SNOW.  Even in the summer, there is still snow on the mountain.  Whistler does a great job of getting all of the trails open as soon as possible, even if that means plowing paths through the snow.


THE MUD.  A perfect day of biking is one that is overcast and has just rained.  That way the trails are nice and tacky for the bikes. 


THE FOOD.  Sharing these delicious nachos is one of our favorite lunches. Whistler has a ton of restaurants to choose from.


THE BEARS.  These guys had a hard time getting across the trail because there were so many bikers.  We yelled at bikers to stop.  Mom poked her head out across the trail several times to “look both ways” and make sure it was safe to cross.  Once Mom realized it was safe, she and her cub ran across the trail to safety.  We see several bears every time we go up.



One thing we don’t love about our trips to Whistler is the border crossing on the way back into the United States.  Although it is beautifully landscaped, sometimes the wait can be hours long.  On our last trip, the wait was killer.  Rob decided to stretch out on the grass and play a little DS as I inched forward in the car.  Even knowing we face long waits on our return trip, we still think going up to Whistler is worth it. 


Whistler!  We love it and we're glad we get several opportunities every year to go up there, whether its biking in the summer or skiing in the winter.

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Julie said...

So much fun!! Rod and I were just in Sun Valley and it was beautiful, but just didn't compare to Whistler!! We love it there too!!