Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Indian Food

Rob and I love Indian food.  One of our favorite Indian dishes is Butter Chicken with Naan bread.  Rob recently found a mix for butter chicken that we love to make a home and eat with rice.  Unfortunately, store bought Naan, does not even come close to the Naan they serve in the restaurants.  We have tried many store bought brands of Naan and tried to heat it, warm it, prepare it in a variety of ways, but still, its no good. 

Today I tried a recipe for making our favorite type of Naan, called Aloo Naan.  This is Naan stuffed with potatoes.  The recipe I used was from manjula’s kitchen.  The video is great and shows step by step what to do.

The Aloo Naan turned out great!  Just as good as the restaurants.  Both Rob and I loved it.  Unfortunately, it takes 4-6 hours for the dough to rise so you have to be home in the middle of the day to start making it.  I will definitely do it again, but during the school year, it may only be a meal we eat on Sundays.


Dough balls and potato stuffing.  You flatten out the dough balls and place the stuffing in the middle and then pull the dough around the stuffing, similar to a dumpling. 


Stuffed dough balls. 


Rolled Naan ready for the oven.


Aloo Naan, fresh out of the Oven.  Delicious! 

We froze some of the cooked Naan.  The recipe makes six Naan, which is way to much for Rob and I to eat.  We’ll see how the frozen Naan turns out next time.

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