Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mount Rainier

A Sunny Day in Seattle is beautiful. When you are in a place where you get a view of “The Mountain” it truly is breathtaking.  Rob has a friend named Shawn, who works at Microsoft.  Shawn is from China, and working over here for a few months.  He is the most eager to learn, experience, and try anything person that I have ever met.  Rob and I got the idea to take him to Mount Rainier.  Shawn brought a few of his friends along for the adventure. 

We had a great time exploring the mountain, hiking through the snow, taking pictures, and enjoying an American Buffett.  Here are some of the picks from our adventure. 

DSCF6821 I didn’t exactly dress for a hike through the snow. DSCF6824

DSCF6836 DSCF6845

Dustin, Rob and Shawn.  With these three together, there’s never a dull moment. 

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