Monday, August 16, 2010

Jayden goes Camping

Our ward had a camping trip this weekend and Rob and I decided to take Jayden along for the fun.  We camped at Zion’s Camp which is a a church camp site on the peninsula.  They have a ton of things for families to do there and Jayden experienced a lot of firsts.  I, unfortunately forgot my camera, so you’ll have to settle for the not so great pictures taken with my cell phone camera. 


Jayden and Rob set up a tent when we first got to camp.


Jayden was excited about sleeping in a tent and did great.  We went to bed around 10:30 and he was sound asleep by 10:31. No joke!  He asked me to zip him up, 30 sec later I asked him a question and there was absolutely no response.  He was out cold.  He slept through the night and loved it.


Rob taught Jayden how to fish.  This picture was taken in the evening right after we got to the camp site.  They also went fishing on Saturday morning.  We even borrowed a paddle boat and took it out into the lake.  Rob and Jayden even caught a small fish.  The fish was on Rob’s line but he was nice enough to let Jayden real it in.  Jayden loved it.  It was a tiny fish (about 4 inches long), but still, it was a fish! 


There was a great tree fort that Jayden played in, on and around for a couple of hours. 


Rob and Jayden are at the top of the tree fort although it is really hard to see them.  No zoom on my cell phone camera. :(


Jayden on the Rob swing


Jayden on the tire swing


Jayden on the teeter-totter

He had a great time and said he loved everything about camping.  Hopefully we’ll get to take him again next year.


Turner Girls said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures. It was so fun having Jayden in Utah for a while. We really miss him! He is a cutie pie and sooo smart!

Austin said...

Who needs children when you can just borrow them from others? :)

Who Knew . . . said...

Can I go camping with you next time if Jayden isn't available to play? That looks like fun.

KristiLee said...

Looks like fun & a neat place to camp!

Yoli said...

How sweet that Jaden fell asleep so fast. I love it when that happens! Such fun times!! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo