Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Adventure with the Motorcycles

After we were done with ski lessons yesterday, when we got back into town, the weather was nice so Rob and I decided to go on a Motorcycle ride.  This is what I usually drive:


This is Rob’s Suzuki DR350S.  It is  dual sport.  I like it because it is light and easy to turn.  I also like it because you sit up straight when you drive it.  It’s very similar to riding a mountain bike.  The other great thing about this bike is that it is made to be banged around.  If you lay it down, everything is plastic and it doesn’t cost as much to repair, or at least it doesn’t matter that much.  With this bike, I had little fear of crashing.

Yesterday’s bike ride was different though.  I must have been doing well enough on the dirt bike to have convinced Rob to give me a chance on his newer bike.  So we took a drive to a church parking lot and I gave this bike a try:


This is Rob’s Kawasaki ZR7.  Needless to say, it has a little more power than the dirt bike.  Also, it costs a little more money.  Also, it is a lot easier to break if you were to crash it…

I have to admit that I was nervous.  I drove it around and around and around the parking lot until I felt comfortable.  Then we were off.  I drove the bike all the way home (15 miles) and even ventured out on the freeway for the first time.  I was nervous, and at times I drove slowly (especially around the corners), but I did it!  Who knows, maybe Rob will turn me into a biker chick after all.  I’ll keep you posted…

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