Saturday, February 27, 2010

For Stephanie…

My dear friend Stephanie recently complained that she needs more people to post to their blogs so she can be entertained while she is wasting time at work.  So here you go Stephanie…

  • What you did last weekend- Went Skiing at Whistler then went to Vancouver and watched Canada vs USA on the streets of Vancouver with a bunch of rowdy Canadians 
  • Your latest cooking fiasco- Used Butter Flavored Crisco in my last batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Bad idea.  :(
  • Future vacation plans and hopes- We’re pretty much broke after our last adventure.  During Spring Break we need to concentrate on turning our bark yard into a grass yard (or at least pulling all the weeds that are now growing through the bark).  Anyone is welcome to come and visit, just know you will be put to work!
  • Latest impulse purchases big or small, cheap or expensive- We went to buy a leather ottoman with a lid for blanket storage.  We bought that and art for our bedroom.  Probably spent a little more than we should have, but the pictures look great in our bedroom.
  • Stories of your kids at their finest-  My kids are my students…One of my favorite students recently wrote a college entrance essay.  He asked me to proofread it.  In the essay he talked about his troubled past and how he hated school.  He then explained how much he had changed during high school because one teacher had taken and interest in him and showed him he wasn’t stupid.  After reading the essay, he told me that teacher was me and thanked me.  So Sweet!  I love my job!
  • Something that drives you NUTS, makes you roll your eyes and even growl under your breath- Watching stupid people do stupid things and be on TV for it.  There is WAY too much bad television out there.
  • What excuse you used today for not working out-  “Working out?”  What’s that?
  • Step by step on crafts and home decor tips that I will never make, never purchase, and never get around to but like to imagine I will- Before painting walls in a house a unique color, make sure you have art that will match the walls.  I love our wall colors, but finding things to decorate with is a challenge.
  • A funny moment that made you laugh out loud- At ski lessons today, we were skiing next to a set up race competition. You could hear the racers names and times being called over the loud speaker.  As we were coming down the hill one of my 4 year old students yelled, “I’m racing, do you hear them, they are timing me and I’m winning!!!”
  • When luck strikes and you win big and everything worked out perfectly- Rob one $5 in a Montana Keno Machine.  It paid for our snacks at the gas station!
  • A few words about what's on your mind lately- Why there’s never enough time to get all the sleep you need!

    Yoli said...

    I enjoyed your answers to the list! Oh and how awesome to make a difference in student's lives! Keep up the great work!!

    Julie said...

    Okay, so I'm still waiting for pictures of all these new additions to the home!