Monday, January 11, 2010

Rob’s Dream Comes to Life

The very first time we were shown the house we now live in by our real estate agent, Rob had a dream.  It was truly a man’s dream.  It has occupied his thoughts as he has fallen to sleep at night for the last three months.  Yesterday, that dream was finally realized. 

From the moment we drove away from this house for the first time,before we had even considered actually buying it, Rob had already begun planning what his entertainment center would look like.  Over the past few weeks we have been adding speakers, laying speaker wire in the attic and crawl space, cutting holes in walls for new outlets, creating new Ethernet jacks, and been to the hardware store countless times. 

Yesterday we put a huge hole in the wall that looked something like this…


Yes, that is Rob inside the garage, cutting and I am inside my living room taking a picture.  I must say, I was a little nervous for what the end result would be.

For Christmas, Rob’s brother-in-law Chris, built us a cabinet for the now giant hole that we had cut into our living room wall.  Rob and I were both relieved when the cabinet fit perfectly into the hole we had cut.


Rob and I are both really excited with the end result. 

DSCF6578 DSCF6577

Now all of our entertainment gadgets and toys fit stylishly inside of our wall, with absolutely no wires to be seen.


It’s a pretty impressive set up for our little house.  I must say, I’m glad I married a dreamer.

As, I’m prone to say, “Good Job Rob!”


Who Knew . . . said...

As you are also prone to say "Good Job Good Job Clap Clap Clap".

Loyce said...

It looks beautiful, GOOD JOB ROB (clap clap).

GHB said...

Now if you will have time to use it, it will be wonderful. I wonder how much the value of the house increased?

Austin said...

I'm impressed.

Joyce Becerra said...

One of my favorite comments is also Good Job Rob and it is very appropriate here!

Mariposa said...

*sigh* seth is TRES jealous. same.