Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharing our Love of Whistler



We had one more day on our Bike Park Pass so we headed up to Whistler again this weekend.  We decided to bring along our friend Jared and his son Kimball.  It was their first trip up there, and we all had a great time.  I think Jared is already making plans to take his entire family up either for skiing or biking in the coming year.  We had fun showing them the trails and we escaped the day only a couple of minor injuries (thank goodness for helmets)!  The weather was perfect for fall day of biking. 


Taking a ride on the peak to peak tram.



Thanks Jared and Kimball for coming along for the fun and to the bike park, we’ll see you next year!

To those of you waiting for pictures of the backyard, I lost our camera so I haven’t been able to take pictures.  I finally found it, but it’s been raining and I want to take pictures when it is nice and sunny.  Hopefully the weatherman is right and I will be able to take the pictures on Wednesday.  Stay tuned…

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