Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Summer Project

When Rob and I moved into our house, we knew we were going to redo the yard.  It was a complete barky, weedy mess.  We had no idea what huge job it would be.  Our first summer we tackled the front yard.  It went fairly smoothly so our plan this summer was to tackle the backyard. SOOOOO MUCH WORK!





We built a retaining wall


We built a garden patch


We built a staircase


We built a rock path


We built a corner patio


We built a driveway and parking place for trailers

Next year we plan to decorate with flowers, plants, and bushes.

For now we’re looking forward to many Bar-B-Que’s, lawn games, and walking barefoot on our new lawn!


Who Knew . . . said...

WOW!!!! COnsider me impressed

Loyce said...

WOW!!!! I am impressed too. It looks beautiful. You two do great work. Good job!!!

Sandy said...

Wow, it looks beautiful...what an improvement...and lotsa work!! Good job....

Jennifer B said...

IMPRESSIVE! I want to do much of the same with MY front & back yards and would really like to get in contact with you to get more information (by the way, I used to work with Rob at MSFT - on the Xbox project in 2009-2010 - and he was going to give me the contact info. of the landscapers you used but I never got the info. I saw the before & after photos and was very impressed! Would still like to get your recommendations). Will you contact me at Flyinirish@hotmail.com please? THX! Jennifer