Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salmon galore

Over labor day weekend Rob went Salmon fishing with some guys from our ward.  It was basically his first time and he had a great time and did his best to learn all the tricks.  Then, over the last couple of weeks he has been out several times on his own and with others.  He’s pretty much got it down now and comes home with his limit of 4 salmon each time.  I made him give his share away a couple of times only because we don’t have any more room in our freezer! 


The fish is delicious, but cutting them up is not.  Too many little bones!  It takes forever to get them all out.  Rob had some friends over so we decided to try a new marinade and grilled them on the bbq.  It turned out great. If you like salmon, come on over. We’ll gladly grill some up for you!

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Loyce said...

Wish we were closer, we love salmon.