Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jayden’s traveling companion

Spending 26 hours in a car, for a weekend of fun isn’t necessarily a 4 year olds idea of fun.  Each time I have traveled with Jayden he has done really well.  As he gets older though, I am working on new ideas to keep him entertained on the drive.  For our drive to Utah I brought food, drinks, new coloring books, “magic” markers, movies, new toys, etc.  Little did I know, I didn’t need any of that.  All I really needed to do was introduce Jayden to his new traveling companion.

These two were the best of buds for the entire trip. Mario provided Jayden with hours of entertainment as we traveled over 800 miles each way.  Having Mario Kart on the DS was also great entertainment for Halle and Parker once we got to Utah. Racing each other is all they wanted to do from sun up to sun down.


As you can see, Jayden is hard at work here trying to get another win.  He loved it so much his mom bought him one for his 5th birthday!

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