Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas

Rob and I spent Christmas with his family in Great Falls, MT.  We had a wonderful time with his parents and his sister and her family.  We enjoyed games, chatting, and of course lots of food provided by him mom.  We also had the opportunity to go snowmobiling with a family friend, Ben, and Rob’s cousin, Colton. 

On Saturday morning we suited up in our snow gear and headed to the hills.  It was –5 deg when we got to the top, but the sun was shining and the snow was perfect.  Here are a few pictures from our adventures. 


Getting ready to go.


Rob was in heaven from the moment we took off.  More toys to add to his wish list.


Colton shows his excitement.


Beautiful views from the top.


There were tons of trails that led to various open fields were we could play around on the snowmobiles. 


Rob, Colton and Ben


Cindi playing in the powder.


Colton and Ben checking out the trail maps.  I still have no idea how they knew where we were and going and how to get back to the truck, but they were great guides and got us around without any problems.


Rob and I decided that it’s time to sell the Jet Skis and purchase some snowmobiles. 


Loyce said...

Sounds like you two had a great time. It looked beautiful up there!!

GHB said...

We have great Snowmobile opportunities here in good old Idaho.