Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hitting the Slopes

Rob and I have decided to teach ski lessons on Saturdays again this year.  Today was our first day of instructor’s training.  On Friday night, as we were up late stripping the hideous wallpaper in the master bathroom, we were both wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.  By teaching skiing, we had taking away our only free day to do house repairs.

But on Saturday morning we were both excited.  It was the first time on the mountain for both of us this year.  Before our training began, we took a few practice runs.  Conditions were icy, but for being early December in Seattle, it is a miracle we even had enough snow to ski on (last years training was done inside because it was 50 deg outside). 

After the first couple of runs, we were both feeling pretty good and ready for our training to begin.  We had a good day, with a morning session and an afternoon session.  With this only being my 3rd season on skis, I was very happy that I felt no apprehension.  I think I’m actually starting to get the hang of this skiing thing.


This is me getting ready for our first run. The weather was gorgeous. It is not very often that we get to wear tinted goggles, but today we definitely needed them because the sky was perfectly blue and sunny. 


Rob coming in at the end our our training.

One of the perks of teaching is Rob and I can do ski exchanges with other ski resorts in the Northwest.  This makes our love of skiing a little more affordable.  We are planning a trip to Schweitzer in February to celebrate my 30 birthday.  You’re welcome to join us! 


Loyce said...

Looked like a beautiful Seattle day! Glad you had fun.

fiftyninemodel said...

Did you leave the snowmobile at home?