Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Motorcycle!- April 2014

Rob bought a new motorcycle.  Buying a motorcycle is usually not a big deal because Rob is constantly buying and immediately reselling motorcycles.  They cycle through our garage like a used car lot. This one however is different.  Ever since we toured around Germany on a BMW, Rob had wanted one of his own.  He found a great deal on this BMW R1150GS.  
When he first started riding it to work he was unsure if he actually wanted to keep it or not. It is a lot heavier of a bike compared to the KLR.  But he stuck with it and now actually really enjoys riding it.  It was a great purchase that will hopefully give him many years and miles of riding.  So far, this is by far the most comfortable motorcycle we've owned. 
2014-04-20 16.10.20

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