Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another new purchase- May 2014

We bought a boat!

The boat comes with a story.  Rob found a boat that we were ready to buy.  We went and looked at it on a Sunday evening and told the guy we would return on Monday evening, after work, with the money.  The man, however, sold it out from under us on Monday morning.  Rob was really disappointed. 

Within a week, he had found another one.  It was listed for $1100.  Rob offered a $1000 and they accepted.  We left after work to drive down south to pick up the boat.  As we were leaving our house we got a phone call from the seller.  She had taken the boat out on the lake to enjoy it one more time before we got there, and during their outing the propeller had fallen off the boat and into the lake!  She said not to worry though (um…) that she had a friend on the way to help her retrieve it and all would be fine when we got there.

When we arrived to the lake, they had found the propeller but not the nut that attaches it to the motor.  They made the boat work well enough to show us that it ran.  We were hesitant to buy it but Rob was able to talk them down and we ended up buying it for $800! 


Our New Boat!  1972 Fiberform

2014-05-26 13.17.39

As a result of the new boat, Revel had to get a new Life Jacket.  Isn’t  he cute?!

2014-05-31 16.55.402014-06-16 18.57.362014-05-26 15.03.19

We are looking forward to many hours on the water with good friends and family. 

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