Friday, February 20, 2015

Motorcycle Trip- July 2013

This summer we decided to take a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone.  We mixed a little business with pleasure by bringing the truck and trailer so that we could buy a few bikes along the way.  Our friend Sota came along as well.  We drove the Truck to Belgrade, Montana.  From there, we left the truck at Rob’s sister’s house and headed off to Yellowstone.  We drove through Yellowstone to Cody, Wyoming.  From Cody, Wyoming we drove up and over the Bear Tooth Highway and back to Belgrade.  It was a fun trip.  The longest I’ve ever driven a motorcycle in one stretch. 


We started the trip from Renton, WA with two motorcycles. 


Getting started with a good breakfast.  This is all one meal.  Rob and Sota had chicken fried steak for just about every meal!


At the entrance of Yellowstone.





Yes, there were that many bugs…


We ended the trip with a truck and trailer full, heading home with 5 motorcycles.  I was amazed they all fit!

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