Monday, November 26, 2012

On the Road Again

This last winter, Rob and I found a new favorite snowmobiling location near Greenwater, WA.  Ever since discovering it, Rob has been wanting to go and explore it on motorcycles.  This is an area with great logging roads, and trails galore.  Even though I’m not the greatest off road biker, and I don’t really enjoy it, Rob convinced me to go along for the ride and take my KLR.  He promised roads, not trails.  Our goal was to go over the mountain, via the logging roads, and make it to Whistlin’ Jack Lodge, eat, and then make our way back home. 

Rob got a little over zealous and took me on some pretty gnarly jeep trails.  I kept up pretty well for the most part.  There were some areas that I just stopped and made him hike bike down to ride my bike back up.  I was becoming more and more confident when I misjudged where to take the tires of my bike, and ended up getting caught between a rock and a tree root. I tumbled pretty hard and the bike took a pretty good hit.  Luckily my scratches were minor and I really only had deep bruises to complain about.  The KLR on the other hand suffered a little radiator damage.


I also bent the frame around the cooling fan.  By the time we got the bike back upright, and going down the road, the temperature gauge was showing full heat.  Luckily we rant into some huckleberry pickers who happened to have a full tool set in their jeep.  Rob was able to remove the radiator guard, and bend the frame around the fan back so that it was functioning again.  We were then able to make our way down to Whistlin’ Jack’s (on the dirt roads), and went back via the highway. 

Even with the crash, I have to admit it was a fun trip.  My biking skills are definitely improving, even with the crash. Rob blames the crash on me. I blame it on him for taking me on trails that were way to difficult for my heavy bike.  Of course, I’m right.  There were many other fun areas to explore up there.  I’ll be content exploring on the snowmobiles when the crash landing isn’t quite as hard.


Rob’s KLX 400 and my KLR 650.


Proof that we made it to the top alive. Smiling even… Smile


Tracy said...

I think you guys have way too much fun!

Loyce said...

I blame Rob!