Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So  a couple of weeks ago, Rob finally convinced me to take a dual sport motorbikes off road for the first time.  We drove through Enumclaw to the town of Carbonado, WA.  A tiny little town right on the edge of the wilderness.  We stopped at the famous Carbonado Saloon.  I would put a link for it but I couldn’t find a website for it.  It was truly the real deal.  I think Rob and I were the only ones with a full set of teeth.  There was an interesting mix of people to say the least. One where it seemed that everyone knew everyone who walked in.  But in a town of 610 people, I guess it’s not to hard to know everyone.  The burgers and fries were delicious.  Rob swears they were the best he’s had in Western Washington.  And they gave us a punch card for buy 5 burgers, get one free.  What a deal!  Who knows when we’ll be back, but still, that’s a pretty good deal.

After our experience at the Saloon, we headed off toward the mountains and to find some forest service roads.  When the paved road ended and the rocks began, I was nervous but I persevered. Getting on the dirt was a much better experience.  I bravely hit a few potholes.  Eventually we got to a place where it was necessary to drive through a huge puddle.  I impressed Rob by masterfully remaining on the bike when hitting a hidden branch in the middle of the puddle.  I was nervous and scared, but I managed to escape the adventure unscathed.  I did find it much easier to drive on pavement once we returned to it’s safety.  Maybe I’m actually getting the hang of this motorcycling thing…

Here are a couple of pictures of our adventure.  Mount Rainer was huge and beautiful in the background.  Unfortunately, we only had our cell phones to take the picture so you don’t get the full affect.  Oh well, at least I have the memory.


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