Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Toy

He wouldn’t tell me what it was, just that we had to be there at 9 pm. It was another Craigslist free find.   So, we hooked up the trailer to the Explorer and headed north.  When we got to our destination, I wasn’t surprised.  There it sat, a 1972 Honda CB 360. 

The owner hadn’t started it up in several years.  Although it had a few years of dust on it, Rob was convinced it would run with just a little TLC.  Little did the previous owner know how much these little bikes can be worth, even when they are not running.

So we got it home, gave it a quick bath.  On his day off, Rob ran to the store and bought a gas hose for $1.78.  After replacing the hose, Rob kicked it a couple of times and sure enough, the bike was running.

It still needs some work, new front brakes, polishing of the chrome, maybe some work on the blinkers, but it runs.  It was another good free find off of craigslist. 


I’ve forbidden him from working on it too much until the cast comes off.  :)


Pasion Family said...

That is awesome! I also hope he doesn't start working on it, until that cast is off...The arm (by what is sounds like) has a lot of healing to do!

Who Knew . . . said...

I would like a scooter. Will you look for a free scooter for me? Thanks.