Friday, June 4, 2010

Another way to seriously injure myself!

I have found another way to get hurt. Last year I bought a dual sport motorcycle. It is essentially a dirt bike with blinkers and a license plate so it can be driven on the street. Last night was the first time I actually took it up the mountains and used it like its supposed to be used. I was a blast. I can say I came out unscathed....I can't say the same for the bike :-)
After several instances where the tires became less than perpendicular with the road the results are:

a) a front brake lever that requires a bit of hand contorsion to pull
b) a few nice new scratches on the plastic
c) a speedometer which only tells the correct speed when I'm at a redlight (its and easy fix!)

...but it was worth it and I'm ready to go again!


Loyce said...

Looks like fun! Glad you were not injured!!

GHB said...

How's your insurance situation??? Love ya