Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is why I LOVE Craigslist!

I answered an ad for a free snowmobile on Tuesday. I, as usual, roped Cindi into tagging along on another wild goose chase to pick up one more thing I don't need. We got to the house on Mercer Island and the sled didnt actually look too bad. We got it home and in my excitement i wanted to get right to work. Cindi immediately said "Later!!" because she knows once I get started I'm not going to stop till I fix it. After I popped the hood it didn't look promising but I decided to give it a shot. I put the carburator on....ran some fuel line (100% guessing what went where)....ran some oil line (again, guessing all the way) (I was too lazy to look in the book they gave me)...and did about 20 other various things that I might might give it a chance to fire. I flipped on the ignition to see what happened. After about 10 pulls this is what I ended up with.

I think Cindi might be the only one who really gets how excited I am for snow. If the mountains get anything more than a dusting I will be running around in half dirt half snow. The thing runs PERFECT. I want so bad to get all over it and see how fast it goes but unfortunately as you can see in the video they don't turn to well on pavement. Online searches put the top speed of this sled at about 85 mph and I really CAN'T WAIT for us to get some snow to see if its true.

Summary: for $2 in two-stroke oil, $3 in gas, and about an hour of my time I got a new toy that will entertain me more than anyone can imagine. I've wanted a snowmobile SO BAD and guess what I HAVE A SNOWMOBILE! WOOO HOOO

For those of you keeping track here is the current rundown:

  1. White Subaru
  2. Blue Subaru
  3. Stand up jet ski
  4. Sitdown jet ski
  5. Blue motorcycle
  6. Black Motorcycle
  7. Dirtbike
  8. Cindis Motorcycle (even tho she rides the dirtbike)
  9. Jet ski trailer
  10. Utility trailer
  11. SNOWMOBILE!!!!

The State Dept of Licensing LOVES ME!!!!


fiftyninemodel said...

The look on your face at the end is PRICELESS! Great find!

Cindi B. said...

I love you too Rob! You better let me have some fun on it too! :)

Austin said...

Why read the manual. My stance is if you have to read the manual to fix or build it - it must be the engineer's fault. :)

Momma Drama said...

Wow, you guys are going to need a big garage for all your free loot! I heart Craigslist too.

Julie said...

Okay, so this is why I wished that you lived in Utah!! What a blast it would be to have access to all your toys! Wesley keeps talking about how badly he neeeeeds to ride a motorcycle! Load it up and pull it to Utah. We will have plenty of snow soon!

Michael Becerra said...

is that list a list of all the stuff you've gotten free on Craigslist or just the vehicles you own. I'm impressed that you got a snowmobile for free. You guys look like you have a ton of fun. Congrats on your engagement!

Cindi B. said...

Those are just the vehicles he owns. There wouldn't be room on the blog for all the free stuff he's gotten on CL! :)