Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hair Bands Never Die

In all of Rob's deal finding, he found us $10 tickets to go see Poison and Def Leppard in concert. I love concerts so of course I agreed to go. I know very few songs from either of these bands (much to Rob's dismay) but we still had a great time.

The concert was at the WhiteRiver Amphitheater. This is way out in the middle of nowhere and traffic is a nightmare on concert days. So Rob convinced me to take the motorcycle. We had GA seats on the grass lawn so Rob figured out a way to strap our lawn chairs to my back for the motorcycle ride. The gas station attendant was amazed at our ingenuity when she saw it.

Rob eating his Kettle Corn before the big show.

Our new friends we met at the show. They were really friendly but I think they were just after the Kettle Corn.

Poison opened the concert. I did know at least a handful of their songs, but I was not impressed with their sound or their showman ship. Rob says they didn't really sound much better in their prime.

Def Leppard put on a great show even though I literally only knew one of their songs. Rob on the other hand sang along to every single one (except for the stupid "new" song they threw in). It was very impressive. They sounded great, watching the one handed drummer was amazing and their whole stage presence was very impressive.
Overall we had a great time. A big thanks to Rob for finding the tickets. A big thanks to Brett Michaels for taking time our from his reality show to grace us with his presence, and thank you to all those at the concert who grew out their mullets and wore their tight leather pants for our amusement.


Yoli said...

LOL!!! ;)

Joyce Becerra said...

You both are just to much fun!!! I loved it.

Loyce said...

What a fun time, I can't believe what you two come up with.

KristiLee said...

OK - I was and probably always will be a Def Leppard fan and would likely sing everysong (probably a little too loudly) right along with them - even the stupid new one =).
I saw Posion back in the late 80's and Rob was right - probably not much better than when you saw them.
I sure love your adventures!

Julie said...

Sorry Rob that you had to go and fall in love with such a baby! Oh well, good thing you can find such great deals so that you can introduce her to some good ole music!!