Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip to Rexburg

I decided that I needed to visit my parents at least once this summer.  So on Monday, I told them I was coming on Wednesday.  I also told them that I had invited my friend Mary and her kids to come and stay as well.  On Tuesday, I invited my nephew Jayden to join me for the trip.  When Jayden and I left on Wednesday morning, we sent a text inviting my sisters to come up and join us.  Julie and her two youngest said they would, so by weeks end, my parents had a houseful!  It was great.  The kids played, the adults talked.  We had a great time talking, eating, swimming, dancing, playing outside, playing inside.  It was great. Here’s the pics to prove it.


Thanks to my Mom and Dad for being such great hosts and letting everyone come last minute and all at once.  Thanks to Jackie for letting Jayden come with me.  Thanks to Mary, Tillie and Finch for making the drive from Salt Lake to spend some time with me.  Thanks for Julie for rearranging her work schedule to come up and visit with us.  Thanks to Parker and Halle for making the drive with their mom to come and play with us. 


Cindi B. said...
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Loyce said...

We loved everyone's visit, come again real soon!