Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas Fun

Over the Christmas break Rob and I went to Great Falls, Montana to spend Christmas at his parent’s house. On the way we stopped off in Kalispell, MT to pick up a Snowmobile and trailer that Rob had found on Craigslist.  Our trip was full of adventures, some of them more challenging than they were fun, but overall it was a great trip and we had a wonderful time with all of his family.  Unfortunately my camera spent more time in my purse then it did in my hand, so I will just have to trust me that we were actually there.  Here are a few of the pics that I did manage to snap.


Rob and Alex gassing up the snowmobile.


One of our newest Craigslist purchases.  We have a matching one we bought last year. Now we have two twin sleds.


Rob and his Cousin Colton.  The jacket Rob is wearing was my Christmas gift to him.  We decided after our day in the snow that it wasn’t the perfect jacket.  After his motorcycle accident he is looking for one to replace the one the paramedics had to cut off.  When he tried it on, we thought this one would, but after a day of use, we decided it was a no go.  When we got home I took it back and bought him a Tool Cart instead to try and contain his ever growing tool collection.


                   Rob’s nephew Alex came out snowmobiling with us. 


Me and our new sled.

After our day of snowmobiling Rob and I went skiing with Rob’s sister Lisa and her family.  After a day of skiing we followed them to their home in Bellegrade, MT. 

DSCF7139           Rob’s nieces Abbey and Emily and I.

DSCF7140       Rob’s sister Lisa and I .

DSCF7141    Rob wearing my bright orange neckgator on his head.  No he did not ski like this.

The night before we left to head home, it snowed over a foot in Bellegrade, MT.  We went out that night and played around for a while.  Rob even took the girls out for a snowmobile ride around the neighborhood in all the fresh powder.


Maya enjoying the snow. 


Rob and Emily on the snowmobile.  She even got to drive a little, even though she wasn’t very good at turning.


Rob and Abbey on the snowmobile.  It was FREEZING that night. 

Other adventures included:

  • Chrismas Eve looking at Christmas lights that never were.  We blamed it on the recession. 
  • Cindi blowing up an engine on one of the snowmobiles we were using (NOT HER FAULT!) 
  • Cindi being pelted with flying snowball chunks as she was towed back to the trucks and trailers after the engine blew. 
  • A flat tire on the trailer in the snowmobiling parking lot
  • A flat tire on the trailer after we got home from snowmobiling in front of Rob’s parent house
  • Driving all over Great Falls looking for a tire store that was open on Sunday
  • Alex Cady slamming into another skier, getting a bloody nose, a bitten and bloody tongue, and a black eye
  • The Cady family hitting a deer on our way home from skiing (Thankfully no person was injured.  Sadly we can’t say the same for the deer)

We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed time with family.  I big thank you to Bob Samsel for keeping us warm and helping with all of the trailer fixes we had to do.  Another big thank you to Sandy Samsel for feeding us every time we turned around and making sure our every need was taken care of.  Thank you to the Cady family for the countless games of Mario Kart on DS and Clue, and for letting us crash at their place for a few nights. 

We hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas as well!

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